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“Every product is uniquely crafted and American made”

“Each uniform is of different sizes and degrees of wear and tear, so bags may slightly vary in appearance from one another.”

The origin of ReForm came from simply looking at a surplus of old uniforms hanging in the closet of founder Steve D’Amico. After his retirement from the Air Force, Steve saw an array of BDU, DCU, ABU and Multicam uniforms hanging there and literally just taking up space that his wife Tricia would be more than happy to fill with assorted bags, a plethora of sneakers and all sorts of apparel that met her current likings

Of course, like most veterans, Steve felt it was important to hang on to his old uniforms “just in case” he ever needed to be called back up to duty. As time passed, and some of his trousers were turned into shorts, an idea emerged.

What if the leftover uniform material, still containing a pocket, could be repurposed into something else? Some sort of bag to be hanging off the belt and able to carry a cell phone, extra magazines at the range or whatever one would desire.

The problem that presented itself was that none of the folks involved in this endeavor had the slightest idea on how to actually sew! So, to be totally honest with you, the first few bags were fashioned with tape and staples, until a sewing machine was purchased at a local Goodwill.

From there, the imaginations began to grow and the question arose. How can we take the uniforms of veterans and repurpose them into something? And how on earth do you operate this blasted sewing machine!

As time went on, the sewing skills for some improved dramatically, while others were put to work in the deconstruction and precise cutting of the uniforms in order to fashion dog collars, pet treat bags, water bottle holders, belt bags and of course the flagship  M.U.R.S.E satchel bag (MURSE meaning  Military Uniform ReFormed into Something Else)

And from that the tagline emerged. “Become a Mursenary!” Wear your M.U.R.S.E proudly and use it to securely carry all that stuff you need to take with you on your day’s adventure. Carry a tablet, a phone, keys, snacks or whatever “protection” is/may be permitted by your local or state laws.

ReForm has sought to recycle as much of each uniform as possible, with the thousands of buttons turned into key chains with different color patterns and the inseams from the pants incorporated into the design of the bullet necklaces or key chains.

The bullet bracelets are not an original ReForm design, but we do craft each one by hand in our own fashion and style. The color patterns can align to your favorite colors, favorite sports team colors or just a pattern or style that catches the eye.

Each bracelet is fully flexible and one size fits all. The shells offset, to form a tight band around the wearer’s wrist.  The bracelets are waterproof and very durable.

The dog scarves are all made in house at reform, but the green collars are bought from the retail marketplace by ReForm.

Uncle Vinnie’s keychains are hand crafted by; you guessed it…Uncle Vinnie. Uncle Vinnie is a Marine who served in Vietnam.  He handcrafts each of the keychains by using parachute cord wrapped around a small piece of wood and a piece of the inseam from uniforms binding it all together.

Each keychain has an inert .556 or .762 rifle round attached to it. These rounds have no gunpowder or primer, and contain a small bb inside to rattle around and ensure it is an inert round.

We are always looking for veterans to send us their old uniforms in order for us to make then the exact product they are looking for. ReForm does this at no charge to the veteran ( See instructions for uniform submission)

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